H1 Text - Culture & Civil Society

The International Foundation for Civil Society has a vision of bringing people and cultures together through common bonds and interests featured in world class Cultural Heritage Cities. All nations and cultures have unique histories, folklore, and customs that bring depth and meaning to who they are. These differences help us to understand, appreciate and celebrate one others differences. Each Heritage city complex will be built with great sensitivity and artistic representation of the people it represents. Some of the world’s finest architects and engineers will participate in the development of these Cultural Heritage City Centers and assist in the lively displays of historical context, artifacts, theaters, art, dress, dance, foods, work, play and include representations of great men and women whose life and living has contributed to who they are.

Cultural heritage is an important force for civil society and identity building. Multiple identities, shared cultures, and shared languages are common features of life in this era of globalization. What constitutes 'cultural heritage" has different meaning to people, but one meaning they all share is that it is important for civil society to have a sense of cultural heritage and common civilizational values that can create the foundation for building bridges and enhancing tolerance and understanding.

The International Foundation for Civil Society supports projects that can show the potential of cultural / civilizational landscape as a place for civil society to engage and give examples of how a positive engagement of people can be achieved through an understanding of cultural heritage and its impact on pluralism and tolerance.